Cash Flow Analysis Software

Questions & Feedback

I am looking to purchase an investment property, is it easy for me to determine if it matches my investment goals?

Yes. iCashflow Property enables you to do a quick or more details analysis of residential and commercial real estate investment opportunities. You can enter as little as 8 or up to 87 assumptions about the property over a 20 year period and run several scenarios to assist in your investment decision.  The software enables a 20 year financial overview with summary reports and a detailed cash flow analysis.

I have an investment property that is sitting empty. How can I use iCashFlow Property to determine what I should rent the building for?

iCashFlow Property calculates the break even point for lease rates or rental rates to ensure assist in determining what is required to recover from your tenants. The software enables users to run multiple “what-if”scenarios so that you can simulate any kind of break even situation to ensure that you are covered as an investor. It is a powerful tool to leverage when comparing against market rates to determine the overall profitability of the investment.


I own a vacation property. Can I use iCashFlow Property to help me understand if I should hold or sell

Yes. iCashFlow Property can help you analyze the investment and provide you with financial the full financial details including:

  • What is the cash flow generated from the property?
  • What is the break even point if I rent out the property as a vacation rental?
  • Should I hold the property based on how much it costs me over a 10-20 year period?


I am currently a tenant in my building, but interested in purchasing the building. Can I use the iCashFlow Property software to determine a fair price to offer the landlord?

Yes.  iCashFlow Property was built to enable quick or detailed analysis to determine if the investment provides the right level of cash flow to make sense as an investment.  Customers have used the software to anticipate the cash flow of a property that they were then able to base a fair offer price that they started to negotiate with their landlord.  They were able to negotiate from a point of strength because they were able to complete the financial analysis of the property faster than the seller.

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